Raising Artists

When creativity runs in your family, what do you rebel against? 
I have been a mother since I was 20 years old. I have 3 amazing children of my own and now 3 wonderful stepchildren. 
Yes, you added correctly. I have six children! 
Each one of my kiddos is unique and carries different interests, perceptions and dreams. 
The one very distinct pattern amongst them is their creative abilities! 

My oldest daughter has won multiple art contests and I posted an image of my son's work above. Yes, I am proud and bragging a little bit! I am absolutely astounded by them! 
In getting to know my stepchildren, I have discovered artistic abilities as well! The best thing about being an artist alongside motherhood is being able to sit down and create with them! I leave the athletic activities to their father! That's one of his ways of playing with them! For me, sitting down to paint with them is both inspiring and informative! 
I find that, in getting to know their artistic sides, I get to know more…

Why I Am An Abstract Artist

Artenables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

-Thomas Merton

Throughout the duration of my life I've been known as weird. I embraced this openly as I was raised in a family full of artists. However, I cannot tell you that there were never moments of insecurities. 
As I grew, I realized that every flaw held beauty in it. Every mishaped perspective was valuable. It wasn't until I was in my mid twenties that I fully understood the scope of why my brain always seemed to be on a tilt. 
At 25 I was finally diagnosed with ADHD. My brain is on overdrive at all times. I finally was made aware of why i spoke "too much." 
Now, I will not speculate or attempt to fully understand the vast periscope that is mental health, illness, impairment or anything of that nature. In my mind and opinion, my ADHD is my superpower. 
It allows me to move quickly and do many things simultaneously. I have a need to consistently be doing more than one thing at a time. In my part…

The Art of Believing in Yourself

In order to move forward towards your dreams and your future, it is important to remember where you came from. Never forget where you started. 

With that said, it is also essential to never continue to dwell in the past. I have chased dreams of singing as well as creating my career in art. Allowing myself to regret what I saw once as failure in music has only allowed negativity to boil. I refuse to stay complacent inside of upset emotions from my past.
A great man once told me, "Life is like a car. If you spend too long looking in the rear view mirror you are destined to crash."
His advice has remained one of the nuggets of gold that I have carried with me. 
Though his words hold truth and an immense amount of power, one still must remember their start. I say this because if we forget the past we are bound to repeat mistakes. We also must never forget our "why."
Why do you paint? Why do you sculpt? Why are you indulging in any creative art? Why are you pushing towards y…

The Process of Creating a Process

Before I begin this post, I want to apologize for it being late. I ran into technical difficulties earlier and then had motherly duties to attend to. Thank you for bearing with me and continuing to read! 

In the beginning I was creating because my hands cannot stay still. I have always felt the need to do more than one thing at a time. Therefore, when I'd watch a movie, I would draw. When I was a student in school, in order to successfully listen to my teachers, I would draw. When things get too quiet, I draw. Art has always been a meditative outlet for me. However, it wasn't until I opened my mind and heart to the possibilities in it that I truly began to discover who I am as an artist. I went in with ideas on who I am and, like every creation I have made,  I have continued to build on that idea. The journey has been phenomenal and it is still a wonderful masterpiece in progress!

With that said, I am interested in your journey! In this post I aim to dive into a few of my own p…

Where to Begin

I distinctly remember walking into art galleries with my father as a child. I remember the smell of the supplies used for framing. I remember all of the matte and frame samples hanging on the walls behind the counters. I remember flipping through magnificent works of art created by various artists and finding a new favorite in each new place we would visit.

Most of all I remember watching my dad as he would speak to each gallery owner. He would have them laughing and smiling the entire time! He would speak with them of art, the world, the current times. He would speak with them for what, as a child, seemed like an eternity! Eventually the inevitable would happen. The gallery owner would pull out their checkbook and write out a check for amounts that typically rose above $5,000.

My father made this practice look easy! He would simply speak and flip through his art cases and, the next thing I knew, we were off to a new city to repeat this process with a new gallery or interior design fi…